Star Wars episode VII teaser posters by AndrewSS7.

Ao Haru Ride EP 8 Recap & Review. The kiss burglar arrives. Lots of girl talk. Also, “The Perfect Man.”

Akame ga kill! EP 8 RecapTatsumi loves his bro & Psycho killer sister introduced.

Barakamon EP 8 Recap & Review. Celebratory two-fer with a certain rugrat’s birthday and Obon approaching. Naru receives the golden ticket and Handa meets the beetles.

Aldnoah.Zero EP 8 Recap & Scathing Review. I rhyme things with Slaine and A.Z pushes boy love genre to new heights.

Sword Art Online II EP 8 Recap & Review. Sinon butt is well pleasing, Kirito goes skinny dipping and SAO II keeps me on edge of my seat.

Tokyo ESP EP 7 Recap & Review. Murasaki channels her inner Bruce Lee & the Wonder Twins powers activate.

Zankyou no Terror in Resonance EP 7 Recap & Review. Lisa on a Plane. Also Five is another in a long line of crazy psycho white-haired characters.

Tokyo Ghoul EP 8 Recap & Review. Wide eyeballs are good for horror anime and Kaneki fights non-violently.

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