Ao Haru Ride EP 11 Recap & Review. Another emotion filled episode of Ao Haru Ride, which I aim to make more depressing.

Akame ga Kill! EP 11 Recap & Review41 New characters introduced - 41 new characters killed off .

Aldnoah.Zero EP 11 Recap & Review. Inko squirms, Inaho still smartest being in multi-verse, Asseylum uses Bluetooth, has driver.

SAO II 11 Recap & Review. With Death looming Kirito grabs that Sinon butt, gets busted immediately.

Tokyo ESP EP 10 Recap & Review. Professor Jones’ crew unearths the Ark of the Covenant and remove the lid with humorous repercussions.

Ao Haru Ride EP 10 Recap & Review. I love when anime girls cry sweet delicious tears of great remorse. Also, Kou is more perfect than ever.

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