Akame ga Kill! EP 13 Recap & Review. Tatsumi X Esdeath = Reunited and it feeeeeels so gooooood.

SAO II EP 13 Recap & Review. Poor Asada Shino.

Glasslip EP 13 Finale Recap & Review. Glasslip is vile, will give your children nightmares and is obviously Japanese mind control project. 

Barakamon EP 11 Recap & ReviewHanda Seishuu returns to Tokyo, where he seeks forgiveness from all the elderly people he’s assaulted. 

Akame ga Kill! EP 12 Recap & Review. Even though I don’t care about the characters, I enjoy seeing them get bonked on their heads.

Aldnoah.Zero EP 12 Finale Recap & Review. Fuck this show. It will make you stupid. Unless you’re stupid already, in which case you may already enjoy this.

SAO II EP 12 Recap & Review. Kirito is the ultimate trap as he and Sinon enact their plan.

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